Rinat Kamaletdinov


Mr. Kamaletdinov has many years of practical experience providing various types of legal services. He started as the specialist in the department of registering institutional regulatory acts within the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the course of two years, he served as the assistant to the Chairman of the Military Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mr. Kamaletdinov worked as a legal adviser for several financial and industrial holdings. There, he gained notable experience in regard to the development and implementation of a number of organizational and legal concepts for the mechanization of projects in the investment industry. He regularly participated in the preparation of complex contractual platforms and advised his clients on the corporate, civil, and labour-related legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Mr. Kamaletdinov founded the Yunius Law Company. He provided his legal expertise to clients in regard to bankruptcy cases, the voluntary liquidation of legal entities, tax disputes, and on various other general issues of civil law. Among his clients were joint ventures, trading and mining companies, and various agricultural producers.

Mr. Kamaletdinov co-authored the scientific-practical commentary of the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, wrote a brochure titled "Commercial Organizations and Prosecution: What You Need to Know ", and published a number of publications on the areas of concern surrounding the forced liquidation of insolvent debtor organizations.

He has considerable experience and knowledge regarding the legal regulation of economic relations, conducting bankruptcy procedures, and managing the anti-crisis proceedings of insolvent enterprises. 


Successful cases

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov serves as a bankruptcy manager. He presided over the following forced liquidations when the legal entities went bankrupt: the Agriglob LLP joint enterprise of Kazakhstan and Israel, the Akhbk-Ozat JSTC, and the Zaisan LLP joint partnership of Kazakhstan and Kuwait.

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov represents the interests of the participants of foreign economic activities.  He consults with taxpayers on their relationships with customs authorities.  His scope of works includes appealing against the actions of authorities which impede his clients, as well as notifying his clients of the results of the inspections of compliance conducted by the customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His clients include the multinational company Halliburton International Inc.

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov advises clients on the application of customs legislation. His clients include Halliburton International Inc., Em Technics LLP, Rikom Kaz LLP, KazMalt LLP, and the local representative’s office of the multinational corporation, Agriglob. 

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov represents taxpayers in their relationships with taxation authorities. The services he provides include filing appeals against the actions and omissions of tax authorities, and notifying his clients on the results of their tax inspections. His clients include the joint Kazakhstan-Kuwait enterprise known as “Zaysan", the Suffle Kazakhstan Malt Factory JSC, the Akhbk-Ozat JSC, and the publishing house, Reader's Digest. 

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov advised the Kar-Tel LLP, the Kuat joint-stock holding company, and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP on the application of taxation legislation.