Sergey Babkin


Mr. Babkin has many years of experience in the legal field. He began his career as a specialist in the Department for the Registration of Departmental Normative Acts within the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan. He has been the senior lawyer and legal adviser in many large financial and industrial holding companies. Before moving to the Russian Federation, for many years he was a partner at Yunius, a law firm he co-founded. There, he was a member of the Almaty City Bar Association.

Sergey Babkin authored a number of publications in Kazakh and Russian law journals, including a publication on Taxes & Finances, Nalogoved, among others. He has covered issues in various fields of law, including business law, corporate law, taxation and financial law. Specifically, he co-authored the scientific-practical commentary of the Tax Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan and wrote a brochure titled "The Taxation of Lawyers in the Republic of Kazakhstan". He was awarded a medal for his contributions to advocacy by the Union of Lawyers in Kazakhstan.


Successful cases

  • Mr. Babkin advises in and represents the interests of the participants of foreign economic activities in their relationships with customs authorities. His scope of work includes appealing their actions, omissions, and various decisions on inspections. His clients include Eurasia Energy Holdings Ltd., the Trans LLP, the EM Technics LLP, and the Kimberly Clark LLC branch in Kazakhstan.

  • Mr. Babkin serves as a tax consultant and often represents the interests of taxpayers in their relationships with various tax authorities. He appeals the results of tax audits for his clients, which include the corporate branch of General Electric International Inc in Kazakhstan, the RG Brands Kazakhstan LLP, the Betpak Dala joint venture LLP, the Kimberly Clark LLC, and the Arenas S LLP in Kazakhstan, LLP. 

  • Mr. Babkin serves as a consultant and is a vital part of the implementation of various practical actions in regard to the protection of trademarks, the acquisition of trademarks in Russia, and the protection of patent rights in industrial property which have been registered in Russia and Kazakhstan. His clients include the RG Brands JSC, the AZMK LLP, the RG Brands Kazakhstan LLP, and the Almaty branch of the foreign enterprise, the Efes Kazakhstan JSC. 

  • Mr. Babkin advises his clients on the application of regulations and standards of the EAEU. He assists in regulating the implementation and protection of intellectual property rights. Mr. Babkin is a specialist in protecting the movement, taxation, and liquidation of goods, works, and services rendered in the territories of EAEU member states. His clients include the RG Brands Kazakhstan LLP, the Kimberly-Clark LLC Kazakhstani branch, and the AKB-Kainar LLP.