We provide legal assistance in the voluntary and forced liquidation of all forms of companies and help formulate the restructuring of assets and liabilities, and provide complete legal protection of our clients’ enterprises and property from illegal takeover. 

Successful cases

  • Mr. Aptineev provided legal support for the bankruptcy proceedings of the Kurskregionenergosbyt JSC. He filed for bankruptcy, managed all creditors’ contentions during the monitoring period (their registry exceeded 2.3 billion rubles), organized and facilitated the first creditors' meeting, and represented and assisted the arbitration manager of the JSC Kurskregionenergosbyt on the arbitration proceedings, during which creditors filed complaints against the actions of the arbitration manager (but we were successful in having the complaints dropped). Mr. Aptineev challenged transactions, as stipulated by bankruptcy proceedings in the legislation of Chapter III.1 of Federal Law "On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)". As a result, more than 400 million rubles were repaid and distributed among creditors. 

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov serves as a bankruptcy manager. He presided over the following forced liquidations when the legal entities went bankrupt: the Agriglob LLP joint enterprise of Kazakhstan and Israel, the Akhbk-Ozat JSTC, and the Zaisan LLP joint partnership of Kazakhstan and Kuwait.