We provide consultations on legislation regulating the activities of commercial organizations. We create custom recommendations for the most appropriate organizational and legal forms of doing business in specific conditions, i.e., the development and amendments to the articles of association, the internal corporate rules and regulations. We provide comprehensive resolutions of disputes between shareholders and a company, as well as between shareholders themselves. This includes disputing transactions carried out on behalf of the company, but contradicting its interests and/or the interests of its stockholders and challenging the decisions of the company’s managing bodies. We can also assist Investors and Partners through bankruptcy proceedings, ensuring accountability and recovery of assist & funds.

Successful cases

  • Mr. Aptineev regularly identifies corporate risks and develops proposals for their elimination and minimization in the management of the company and subsequent legal entities in which the company participates. He develops and introduces mechanisms for the restructuring of holding companies. Mr. Aptineev plans and provides legal support for corporate procedures. He works on developing and introducing non-standard contracts and agreements, including protocols of intention, non-disclosure agreements, and various shareholders' agreements. He also manages M&A transactions and conducts proper due diligence on prospective investment projects. As part of his duties, he manages various development projects and real estate transactions.

  • Mr. Aptineev represented the interests of Bryanskenergosbyt JSC, Kurskregionenergosbyt JSC, Penzaenergosbyt JSC, Smolenskenergosbyt JSC, and Tverenergosbyt JSC in various arbitration proceedings in different regions and in many cases connected with joint-stock disputes. He appealed against decisions made on shareholders’ general meetings and/or made by boards of directors at and was successful in challenging various inequitable transactions. 

  • Mr. Aptineev successfully prevented the hostile takeover attempt of a subsidiary of LUKOIL JSC at the Volgogradenergosbyt JSC, the largest electricity supplier in the Volgograd Region.