We provide consulting and legal services for taxation. We can represent your company to the tax authorities, plead your taxation cases, along with other disputes relating to taxes and transfer pricing, and disputing and challenging administrative penalties.

Successful cases

  • Mr. Babkin advises in and represents the interests of the participants of foreign economic activities in their relationships with customs authorities. His scope of work includes appealing their actions, omissions, and various decisions on inspections. His clients include Eurasia Energy Holdings Ltd., the Trans Leasing.kz LLP, the EM Technics LLP, and the Kimberly Clark LLC branch in Kazakhstan.

  • Mr. Babkin serves as a tax consultant and often represents the interests of taxpayers in their relationships with various tax authorities. He appeals the results of tax audits for his clients, which include the corporate branch of General Electric International Inc in Kazakhstan, the RG Brands Kazakhstan LLP, the Betpak Dala joint venture LLP, the Kimberly Clark LLC, and the Arenas S LLP in Kazakhstan, LLP. 

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov represents the interests of the participants of foreign economic activities.  He consults with taxpayers on their relationships with customs authorities.  His scope of works includes appealing against the actions of authorities which impede his clients, as well as notifying his clients of the results of the inspections of compliance conducted by the customs legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. His clients include the multinational company Halliburton International Inc.

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov advises clients on the application of customs legislation. His clients include Halliburton International Inc., Em Technics LLP, Rikom Kaz LLP, KazMalt LLP, and the local representative’s office of the multinational corporation, Agriglob. 

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov represents taxpayers in their relationships with taxation authorities. The services he provides include filing appeals against the actions and omissions of tax authorities, and notifying his clients on the results of their tax inspections. His clients include the joint Kazakhstan-Kuwait enterprise known as “Zaysan", the Suffle Kazakhstan Malt Factory JSC, the Akhbk-Ozat JSC, and the publishing house, Reader's Digest. 

  • Mr. Kamaletdinov advised the Kar-Tel LLP, the Kuat joint-stock holding company, and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP on the application of taxation legislation.