The cost of the services rendered by our group of legal experts depends on the complexity of the tasks assigned to each lawyer. Our pricing always corresponds with market conditions and the individual qualifications of the lawyers assigned to your case.

The price of all services is based on the thorough evaluation of the necessary preliminary work, including an estimate of the time needed and total volume of work. The price and any deposits are finalized in advance with the proper decision makers of the client’s company.

In the interest of all parties involved, the scope of work may include an agreement providing for a financial bonus following the successful completion of the project. This may be done to promote the mutual interests of both parties, enticing the successful completion of the services agreed upon and guaranteeing the client's confidence in our dedication to exerting the maximum effort in solving their problems.

Similarly, in the cases of a consistent partnership between our firm and our client, consisting of a constant volume of consultation and representation requests, the terms of our agreement may be altered to incorporate the means of payment in the form of a fixed monthly fee. The monetary amount of these payments is coordinated with each client separately and depends on the volume and complexity of the work.

The final invoice will also include the various bills and expenses incurred by the attorneys of the case during the consulting and representing process. These expenses may include: a reasonable overhead charge, business trip expenses, postal charges, state taxes and fees, costs associated with the notary certification of documents. Other costs, agreed in advance and determined to be necessary for the proper execution of the client's instructions, may likewise be included.